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Computational methodologies
CAChe Research has extensive experience in applying computational methods and models to solve a wide range of experimental chemistry and biochemistry problems. Methods include molecular mechanics, dynamics, semiempirical quantum chemistry, density functional, ab initio, ligand-protein docking, and QSAR tools, etc.

Network of specialists and experts
CAChe Research is able to call on the skills and experience of leading experts from both industry and academia throughout the world. Their combined  experience encompasses diverse disciplines including drug discovery and development, biochemistry, QSAR, ADME/Tox, polymers, dyes & inks, fluorescence, organometallics, inorganics, organics, process, synthesis, catalysis, environmental, computational chemistry & biochemistry, teaching, etc.

Scientific Advisory Board
Prof. J. O. Currie, Pacific University, Oregon, USA
Dr. L. M. Dupray, Portland, Oregon, USA
Dr. V. K. Gombar, Indianapolis, IN, USA
Prof. R. Muthyala, University of Minnesota, USA
Prof. N. G. J. Richards, University of Florida, USA
Dr. P. J. Robinson, Dept. of Biosciences, University of Kent, UK
Dr. J. J. P. Stewart, Stewart Computational Chemistry, Colorado, USA

President & CEO
David A. Gallagher, C.Chem., Portland, Oregon, USA

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