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Benefits of CAChe Research consulting

add new skills and experience to augment in-house resources.
extra capacity to cope with peak demands.
for occasional projects where demand does not justify the expense of permanent resources.
evaluate the return on investment of various computational solutions before purchase.

Research consulting contracts:
Performing specified computational chemistry projects, to speed time-to-market or reduce development costs. Examples include pre-screening libraries of candidate compounds to narrow the field and speed development, using computational methods to help design new compounds with required properties, or to gain new insights into process problems or unknown mechanisms.

Computational services:
Providing hardware and software computational services or resources and appropriate experts, when additional bandwidth is needed.

QSAR consulting:
Providing feasibility studies and the development of specialized property prediction tools using Quantitative Structure Property (and Activity) Relationships.

Advice and guidance:
Providing advice on which computational tools and methodologies are most appropriate for solving specific problems, how to apply the tools, and how to most effectively integrate computational and experimental research.

Software evaluations:
Providing objective advice and appraisals of various computational chemistry packages for detailed comparisons and evaluation of the potential returns on investment before a purchase.

Computational chemistry training:
Training users on which tools to use for particular problems, how to use and apply them, and how to interpret the results from computational chemistry tools.

Technical support and backup:
Providing telephone, email and on-site customer support for assistance in using specific software packages, applying the tools to the chemistry problems at hand, and interpreting the results.

Software design and testing:
Computational chemistry software product design (functionality and human interface) and alpha testing.

Marketing services:
Marketing services for chemistry software products including brochure design and creation, data sheets, web sites, advertising (creation and placement), mailings, press releases, and general product marketing.

All work can be performed under Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), so that confidentiality is assured.

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CAChe Research offers chemistry software & consulting to:

•  Improve profitability by accelerating R&D and time-to-market

•  Reduce development cost by prescreening candidate compounds
•  Test new ideas before committing laboratory resources
•  Gain new chemistry insights to help solve the tougher problems

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