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    electronic properties of molecular surfaces

A caddle® is a customizable and entirely web-based molecular modeling system developed jointly by Cepos InSilico and Molcad GmbH that offers high-quality interactive 3D-visualization combined with advanced flexible workflows and protocols for modeling tasks. caddles may have specific functions (such as the logP-caddle), or may function as general, user-configurable web-based modeling systems. The unique feature of caddles is their proprietary 3D visualization technology that allows a caddle to be used on any suitable device (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone) equipped with a suitable web browser.

caddle datasheet (PDF)

New Trends in Computer-Aided Drug Design (Reprint Feb 2012)


SAR-caddle® is a customizable web-based tool for building & applying robust QSAR/QSPR models with applicability domain analysis & 3D visualization. It features Shepard interpolation, PLS and an extremely robust bagged stepping linear regression designed to eliminate descriptor bias for datasets with very many descriptors. SAR-caddle requires only a suitable browser on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone (no local installation required).

SAR-caddle datasheet (PDF)

New Trends in Computer-Aided Drug Design (Reprint Feb 2012)


EMPIRE is a completely new semiempirical molecular
orbital program designed to run in parallel on multi-core
desktop computers and on massively parallel supercomputers. 
EMPIRE can currently perform calculations using s-, p-
and d-orbitals in the basis set with the core-core functions
from MNDO, MNDO/d (also PM6 and AM1*), and AM1
(also AM1*, PM3, PM6).  The largest calculation performed
to date ran efficiently for 76,800 atoms on 1,024 processors.

EMPIRE data sheet (PDF)

EMPIRE user manual (PDF)
ParaSurf™ uses semiempirical methods to calculate electronic properties on the surface of molecules for use in QSPR, 3D-QSAR, ligand docking and reactivity prediction, such as Cytochrome P-450 drug metabolism.  ParaSurf™ is the basis module that uses output from a semiempirical molecular orbital program such as Cepos Mopac 6 or VAMP to construct molecular surfaces and calculate local properties and descriptors. Surfaces may be generated by shrink-wrap or marching-cube algorithms and the former may be fitted to a spherical harmonic series. ParaSurf™ from Cepos InSilico was originally introduced in 2005.

ParaSurf™ can also generate local enthalpies and free energies of solvation and integrate them over the entire molecular surface. The application has the ability to read Surface-Integral Model (SIM) files that allow it to calculate properties such as the enthalpy and free energy of hydration plus the free energies of solvation in n-octanol and chloroform.

The methodologies for predicting Cytochrome P450 drug metabolism (CypScore) and for improved ligand docking accuracies, are described in the links below.

Parasurf brochure (PDF)          ParaSurf Release Notes   

ParaSurf User Manual
              ParaSurf User Manual (Free Academic Version)


   *CypScore: Quantitative Prediction of Reactivity toward Cytochromes P450 Based on Semiempirical
   Molecular Orbital Theory, M. Hennemann et al, ChemMedChem 2009, 4, 657 – 669

   *CypScore PipeLine Pilot Manual (300kb) 

   *Other references for 'CypScore'

   **Discovery of Novel HIV Entry Inhibitors for the CXCR4 Receptor by Prospective Virtual Screening,
   Violeta I. Pérez-Nueno et al, J. Chem. Inf. Model. 2009, 49, 810–823

   **Other references for 'docking' and 'ParaSurf'

   References for 'ParaSurf'

FREE Academic version of ParaSurf
A special academic version of ParaSurf which includes most of the functionality of the commercial release, is now available at no cost to bona fide academics.  Click here to get your copy...


Cepos Mopac 6 is a modified version of the public-domain Mopac 6 (QCPE 455) that writes the files necessary to run ParaSurf™.  Cepos Mopac 6 serves as a freeware alternative to commercial semiempirical molecular orbital packages for ParaSurf™ users. The program is adequate for MNDO, AM1 and PM3 calculations. However, it does not include many modern options and Hamiltonians (in particular, it does not include methods that use d-orbitals). We recommend that the EF geometry optimizer always be used as the default. BFGS optimizer often exits at high values of the gradient norm.


Cepos InSilico was created to make the science developed in the Parashift Project readily available and to support further research and development.  (The Parashift Project, was born at the 2002 EuroQSAR conference at Bournemouth in the UK as a concerted attempt to break out of the mould of conventional atomistic modelling techniques with methods based on local molecular surface properties.)   As a result, Cepos InSilico's surface-based modelling techniques provide in silico screening, modelling and simulation software designed to give accurate, generally applicable predictions of biological activity, reactivity, ecological impact, ADME and physical properties.

Researchers from the universities of Erlangen in Germany, Portsmouth in the UK and LORIA (Nancy, France) work together developing products marketed by Cepos InSilico Limited. The areas of expertise of the three research groups range from classical simulation and quantum mechanical techniques to analytical representations of irregular bodies and interpolation techniques for QSAR and QSPR.  This expertise provides the uniquely powerful scientific background behind today's Cepos technology.


SALES (Americas)                                                                           Click here for Europe Sales

For sales information or price quotations please email

Annual lease price $USD per floating license token 
   Cepos products are available for annual lease for Windows and Linux, in both 32-bit and 64-bit
   versions.  Only commercial and Government licenses include full support and updates. Cepos
   applications such as ParaSurf™ use a token licensing system. One application per token may run at
   any one time. CeposLM™ is installed on a central license server that must be available to all licensed
   users, (this may be your PC hardrive if you have only a single-user license).  ParaSurf pricing is as
   shown below, MOPAC6 is free.

      ParaSurf annual lease pricing USD

   # Tokens      Commercial     Government*     Academic*
      1            $16,000         $8,000        $1,600
      4            $32,000        $16,000        $3,200
     16            $48,000        $24,000        $4,800
     64            $64,000        $32,000        $6,400
   unlimited       $80,000        $40,000        $8,000
*full commercial release

Click here to request the FREE Academic version of ParaSurf


Industrial and Government licenses include full Email and telephone support, maintenance and annual updates.  However, Academic licenses do not include support or updates.


ParaSurf™ User Manual (2.2Mb)

ParaSurf™ User Manual (Free Academic Version, 2Mb)

ParaSurf™ 10 Release Notes (63kb)

Cepos MOPAC6 User Manual (404kb)

Public domain MOPAC6 manual

Cepos MOPAC6 Application (2.8Mb)

CypScore PipeLine Pilot Manual (300kb)

CypScore MOE Manual (Chemical Computing Group)

CEPOS User Group Symposium, presentation slides (Mar 2010)

Bibliography for ParaSurf (Google Scholar)

Bibliography for CypScore (Google Scholar)

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•   Cytochrome P450 drug metabolism prediction*

•   Ligand docking - improved accuracy**

•   3D QSAR & QSPR - novel electronic descriptors

•   Chemical & physical property prediction...
ParaSurf now FREE for Academics
ParaSurf now FREE for Academics
Hear the talk about EMPIRE at ACS 4/2013
ParaSurf now FREE for Academics
Computes electronic structure of molecules
Creates electrostatic
Predictive model creation, typical workflow:
Correlates descriptors and properties to create a model
Visualizes properties in 3D, user configurable
for new

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