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1. What is "CAChe" or the "CAChe WorkSystem"?
CAChe is a molecular modelling package (CAChe = Computer-Aided Chemistry) designed for experimental chemists, first released in 1989.  The original CAChe software suite came packaged with a Macintosh upgraded with a fast coprocessor card, a patented 3D stereoscopic display, a patented 3D Trackball, and was called the CAChe WorkSystem.  The press hailed this award-winning new Computer-Aided Chemistry tool as a "Macintosh on Steroids".  CAChe Brochure (1992)

A fully operational Mac-based CAChe WorkSystem complete with stereoscopic monitor is on display in the Tektronix Museum located at 4620A SW Beaverton Hillsdale Highway, Portland, Oregon 97221.

2. What is the "CAChe Group"?
The CAChe Group was the business unit formed by Tektronix Inc. of Beaverton, Oregon, USA in 1988 to develop and market the CAChe (Computer-Aided Chemistry) molecular modelling package.  The CAChe Group was headed up by George Fabel, and some of the founding members included George Purvis, Ric DeHoff, Linda Hirschy and David Gallagher.

                                 CAChe Group celebrates the R&D 100 Award in 1994

3. What happened to the CAChe Group (business entity) and CAChe WorkSystem (product)?

The CAChe Group was spun out of Tektronix in 1991 as a wholly-owned subsidiary named CAChe Scientific Inc.  A Windows version of CAChe (that did not require the specialized hardware) was released in 1994, just before the company was sold to Oxford Molecular Group PLC (OMG) in the following year.  In 2000, the CAChe business was purchased by Fujitsu Ltd of Japan, immediately before Accelrys absorbed the rest of OMG.  Throughout the changes, the core CAChe development and marketing remained in Beaverton, staffed by some of the original founding members.  However, having opened a new office in Boston, Fujitsu closed the CAChe sales and support functions in Beaverton in 2006, and replaced the CAChe product range with their new Scigress Explorer.  Fujitsu closed their Boston BioSciences office in 2009 and apparently, discontinued USA support for CAChe and Scigress in 2010. 

4. What is "CAChe Research LLC"? .
CAChe Research LLC is an independant company based in Beaverton, Oregon, USA, that markets a range of computational chemistry software including the popular quantum chemistry programs, MOPAC and Turbomole, as well as COSMOlogic's products for prediction of thermodynamic properties and the new electronic surface property tools from CEPOS. CAChe Research also offers consulting services and training services for chemistry software users (including CAChe).

5. What is the relationship between CAChe Research LLC, and the CAChe Group (business
    entity) and CAChe WorkSystem (product)?

There is no direct relationship.  However, one of the founding members of the original CAChe Group in 1989, David A. Gallagher, is also the founder and principal of CAChe Research LLC.

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