CAChe Research
   Computer-Aided Chemistry & Biochemistry
CAChe Research offers chemistry software & consulting to:

•  Improve profitability by accelerating R&D and time-to-market

•  Reduce development cost by prescreening candidate compounds
•  Test new ideas before committing laboratory resources
•  Gain new chemistry insights to help solve the tougher problems

              Chemical and physical property prediction from

                  electronic properties of molecular surfaces

                                         by Cepos Insilico

•  Cytochrome P450 drug metabolism prediction
•  Ligand docking - improved accuracy
•  3D QSAR & QSPR - novel electronic descriptors
•  Chemical & physical property prediction...



Fast, accurate property prediction from the most widely
used semiempirical quantum chemistry package, now
with the new PM7 method, PM7-TS for transition states, 
and Mozyme giant molecule capability.
FREE for academics!


                            Computer-aided chemistry consulting

CAChe Research offers computer-aided chemistry and biochemistry consulting services, from advice and training on the application of computational methods to help solve particular research problems, to performing complete research projects. CAChe Research is able to call on the skills and experience of leading experts from both industry and academia. CAChe Research has extensive experience in applying methods such as molecular mechanics, dynamics, semiempirical quantum chemistry, density functional, ab initio, ligand-protein docking, and QSAR, to solve real chemistry problems.


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